Up close with tiger poachers – from Cats of the Wild Podcast

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From Cats of the Wild Podcast:

“Over 6,000 kilometres from Moscow in the Far East of Russia is the remote and harsh habitat of the Amur Tiger – also known as the Siberian Tiger.

It is one of the largest cats in the world, and there is estimated to be around 400 remaining in the wild. The largest threat for the Amur tiger is poaching – but there’s really only one way to truly understand how and why poachers poach and that’s to talk to the poachers directly.

And so American wildlife criminologist, @allie_skidmore had a proposal for her university – to go and live in these hunting communities in Far East Russia for months at a time to find out first-hand the REAL extent of the threat of poaching for the Amur Tiger

Is it a crazy story? Absolutely. It’s a story that shows true courage and an unrelenting ambition to learn more about this threat so conservation actions can be taken in the future.”

Click here to listen.


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